Forthplus Update: COVID-19

Dear All

During this current climate, we wanted to assure you that Forthplus are very much still here and still functioning.

We were set up to deal with circumstances like this, offering a fully online solution. Documents can be scanned and uploaded to us via the Forthplus portal, emailed to us or faxed to us. Forthplus do not require any originals of any documents, simply scans. We are, and always have been, entirely electronic.

As with everyone else, in response to the COVID-19 situation, we are assessing Government guidelines and implementing changes as and when necessary. As I am sure you will appreciate, we have to consider and protect the health and interests of our employees. With this in mind we have enabled every member of the Forthplus team to work from home, with the appropriate equipment, in a fully secure, encrypted manner. This covers the cutting edge Forthplus back-end system and our computerised phone system. This has already been trialled to ensure we can continue our service fluidly.

We have made arrangements for physical mail to be dealt with, but we are aware that there may be delays to the incoming and outgoing mail through the postal service, due to the restrictions they may implement on their service. We urge everyone to use electronic forms of communication wherever possible.

We will be working closely with other service providers, including investment companies, pension providers and financial advisers to try and work entirely electronically for the duration of this issue, in connection with our desire to keep things simple and to enable matters to be processed as normal.

Please note, we are aware that there will be, both for us and the companies we are working with, a range of additional operational, legal and compliance considerations which were not planned for. As such, whilst we will endeavour to provide you with a full service, we do ask for your understanding during this time and request that you pass on this notice to any other relevant parties you deem necessary.

As a reminder, Forthplus Pensions operate an integrated work management and email system, and all work received by email, or submitted online, as long as it is sent with the FP reference in the subject, goes directly into our systems. All other electronic communications are individually reviewed and entered into our systems separately, so please remember to add the FP reference if you have one. We would ask that, during this time, only one email is sent and work is not chased, wherever possible, to smooth out the management of work items. We especially request that work is not chased by telephone, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the plans we have in place.

We remain available, and should you need support, you can contact us on the following email addresses:

Adviser queries (including technical questions) –
Dealing instructions and investment instructions –
New business enquiries (noting that new business submissions should only be made through the Forthplus Portal) –
Anything else –

We will keep you updated with regular updates on any changes or developments via our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

Facebook – Forthplus Pensions
Twitter – Forthplus Pensions
LinkedIn – Forthplus Pensions

If you do not have access to social media, please reply to this email to request to be included on the email mailing list and we will send the same updates by email to you.

We really appreciate your understanding through this situation, and we promise we will do our absolute best to minimise the impact on all of our stakeholders through this period.

With thanks and best wishes.

Chris Holyoak
Managing Director
Forthplus Pensions Limited



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