Andrew Poxon, Alex Cadwallader and Barry Stewart of Leonard Curtis were appointed as Joint Administrators of Forthplus Pensions Limited (‘the Company’) at 3.15pm on 19 October 2021.


A mailbox ( has been set up for those affected by the Administration and we would encourage you to direct any queries to this email address. Updates on the progress of the Administration will be provided on the Administrators’ dedicated webpage:


The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Administrators who act as agents of the Company, without personal liability. Andrew Poxon and Alex Cadwallader are authorised to act as insolvency practitioners in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales under office holder numbers 8620 and 9501. Barry Stewart is licenced in the UK by ICAS under office holder number 9450. The Company is authorised and regulated by the FCA. FCA reference number 653170. Registered in England No. 07990504.


Forthplus Update: COVID-19

Dear All

During this current climate, we wanted to assure you that Forthplus are very much still here and still functioning.

We were set up to deal with circumstances like this, offering a fully online solution. Documents can be scanned and uploaded to us via the Forthplus portal, emailed to us or faxed to us. Forthplus do not require any originals of any documents, simply scans. We are, and always have been, entirely electronic.

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Forthplus Pensions is an FCA regulated UK pension provider with products and systems developed exclusively for appropriately regulated Independent Financial Adviser firms based in the UK and around the world. Our idea of achievement was to create a product that improves the lives of IFAs and pension savers and changes the face of pensions to focus on compliance and regulation over profit and volume.

The result is a secure, quality pension, backed by a simple to use online system providing the flexibility to use products appropriate to the pension saver’s needs.
In-house technical support for advisers with a range of useful tools including calculators, guides and printable illustrations all to aid the advice process, initially and ongoing. Our ethos is simple – to provide the best quality products supported by outstanding customer service.

Using automation and the highest standards of professionalism we continue to grow and adapt to the market. At Forthplus Pensions we:

  • only accept pension savers advised and introduced through regulated financial adviser firms
  • only work with firms who hold the appropriate regulatory permissions to be able to advise the pension saver
  • operate very clear pension saver focused policies (our investment policy has resulted in us holding 100% standard investments)
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In-depth knowledge of the UK and International pension markets

We make the application process quicker. Removing any hassle and allowing you to focus on the pension saver experience. Simple, concise and effective technology, working alongside your preferred partners making life easier. Slick communication and effective management systems enable advisers, firms, and members to manage their pension, monitor activity, and perform actions.


We only deal with regulated advisers and have an investment policy built to help pension savers move into retirement with confidence


Developed by pension specialists who understand the industry with a product built to revolutionise the SIPP market


Forthplus Pensions gives you and your pension savers the freedom to manage their own retirement solutions with a flexible investment range


Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority working exclusively with established and reputable providers

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The founder of Forthplus, Chris realised his vision using the best and worst of his vast experience in the industry.  A member of the Pensions Management Institute and an active voice in the pensions arena Chris runs operations with a focus on market development and is the primary point of contact for business owners and senior members, plus the first point of contact for relationship matters and technical queries.  

Working for almost 40 years in the financial services industry Robert brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. An associate member of the International Compliance Association (AICA) Robert is currently studying for the degree level ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance. Robert sits on our investment committee, identifying and mitigating any risks to our members or our firm, ensuring our members are only looked after by regulated financial advice firms. Also our money laundering officer Robert has a general overview of operations from a regulatory perspective and is the first point of contact for our regulator and other professional bodies we report to.

Simon, a Chartered Accountant with an MBA and a Diploma in Marketing, has spent the last 25 years successfully maximising enterprise value in a number of businesses within listed, privately-owned and private equity environments. A visionary Non-Executive Director, Simon advises on the strategic development of the business, whilst ensuring robust corporate governance. Simon is also a Trustee to The Forthplus SIPP and a Director of Forthplus Trustees Limited.

An award winning operations leader, Simon qualified as an accountant with KPMG before holding senior operations roles at both Sky and Standard Life. Passionate about delivering a great customer experience, Simon is committed to the continually improving our service and supporting our team to be at their best.

An award winning administrator, with CII certificates in Life and Pensions and Financial Planning, Pippa initially learnt her craft in the legal profession before moving into the offshore financial services industry 20 years ago. Working at a very senior level, Pippa is very well known throughout the industry for her knowledge and commitment to providing a first class service. Forthplus were very fortunate to persuade Pippa to join the team and become our International Sales and Relationships Manager, utilising her vast knowledge of the offshore market and great personality to provide quality international financial advice firms with unprecedented levels of straight-talking, experienced service.

The core development leader of all of the Forthplus systems, helping maintain our cutting edge solution led by simplicity of use, Stephen has over 30 years development experience with well over half of that spent working on financial services products which have changed the market.


We recognise the need for product variance in different international regions and for different firms. So we designed a product, system and experience with this in mind, for you and your pension savers. Taking our time to develop it to be ever expandable.

Our well-developed products and solutions, available through our portal and preferred partners, give industry professionals and pension savers the experience they deserve. We focus on remaining nimble and adaptive, and continue to develop products that the market needs to realise our vision:

  • To become the leading UK pension trustee to people living both in the UK and internationally
  • To raise the standards of the pension industry

Compliance is central to everything we do

The members retirement is at the heart of everything we do

Partnerships based on shared values bring mutual success

Simplicity in all we say and do

Be enterprising

Nurture a positive team


Service Providers – The blue chip partners we work with to provide you with the best solutions
Investment Choices – Some of the firms our members have chosen to invest their pension funds with

Whilst we may have an existing or historic relationship with these firms, we do not make endorsement of them.
Each firm and individual will have their own needs and requirements and as such you should perform your own research and obtain appropriate advice to ensure that any solution chosen is right for you.


The Forthplus SIPP was developed with a completely fresh perspective using our intimate understanding of the pensions market to ensure whether a member is based in the UK or anywhere around the World, there is access to a genuinely UK focussed and protected pension solution. With Compliance at the heart of everything we do, our team of experts have been integral in the company and scheme’s development and demonstrate a proven and highly successful track record.

Our SIPP competes on so many levels, from only having standard investments, a clear and concise fair charging structure for anyone around the world, and a product using technology that has been built around the people that use it. Giving easy access to all of the process stakeholders from the pension saver, through to the adviser, The Forthplus SIPP offers high levels of control and security to pension savers designed to deliver a range of benefits.


Powerful systems using proprietary technology make our system reactive and adaptable to ensure genuine accessibility to advisers and members.

Easy to use and highly intuitive. We have done away with the complexities and jargon often found in today’s market to provide a product for the advised market.

Protecting our members from unsafe investments, ensuring high levels of stability. Our policy has resulted in quality adviser feedback from throughout the world, giving peace of mind to our members and the advisers who recommend us.

Supported by some of the largest professional advisers in the world from Legal and Accounting to Banking and Investment, to ensure that the solution is as robust as it is flexible.

In-depth knowledge of UK and International pension markets with a clear understanding of the legislative and regulatory frameworks across the industry. Focussing on producing the best possible service by working with a committed team of experts.

Significantly reducing the administrative and operational burden for IFA’s through automation, simplification, and in-house technology. Working with our leading CRM system built in-house, we are able to provide bespoke data access to current information enhancing efficiencies by working together without duplication.

Reduces your administrative burden, reduces your postal and courier costs, and helps save the planet!

Dynamic and extremely flexible. We own the technology and at all stages can provide a bespoke and intimately understood product which addresses user queries quickly and effectively.

For more information about the Forthplus SIPP, please download our Key Features and Fee Schedule documents.


This is an all-inclusive charge for setting up your pension, including setting up a bank account for your pension with Barclays Bank, arranging the transfers of any pension plans you want to move into The Forthplus SIPP and sorting any contributions you want to make. It also includes arranging any investments you wish to make and managing your pension for the first 12 months. This amount is due straight away, when the pension plan is set up and is taken from your first transfer in or contribution(s).

Fee Schedule

Application Form

From year two and each ongoing year, we will charge you at the renewal date, using the date that your pension was set up as the anniversary. Again, this is an all-inclusive charge for the ongoing administration of your investments, including any deals and switches you want to make, continually managing any contributions you are making to your pension, arranging for you to receive annual valuations of your pension plan, and acting as the administrator of your pension plan.

Fee Schedule

We charge this for putting your pension, or each part of your pension, into drawdown, which means when you first take any tax free cash or income from your pension.

This charge includes the arranging of your pension so you can take your benefits, sorting out any Lifetime Allowance tax matters, and the payment of your Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) payment.

Thereafter, you can choose to take income, as follows:
Taking One-Off or Annual pension income: £50 each payment
Taking Monthly or Quarterly pension income: £150 annually

Taking Your Pension Form

We charge this for putting part or all of your pension into drawdown when you choose to take a lump sum payment, with a Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) payment and income together, including sorting out any Lifetime Allowance tax matters.

Taking Your Pension Form

We do not charge any additional charges for using part or all of your pension to purchase an annuity, transfer the entire pension out, take all of your pension income, or winding up your pension, as long as you have been with us for at least 12 months. If you transfer out or close the pension in under 12 months, we charge an additional £350.

We charge this in the event that we need to split your pension under a legal pension sharing order or are required to arrange for the distribution of your pension benefits in the event of death.


Having an additional bank account (EUR and/or USD): £50 each, per year

Additional Valuations and basic Subject Access Requests (1 inclusive each year): £25 each

Payment of Benefits from your EUR/USD Account: £10 per transaction

Payment of Benefits using currency exchange services: £15 per transaction

Payment of Benefits as an asset (in-specie): £150



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